Frequently Asked Questions

You can start using DishList in seconds. Create your personal registry page, choose which restaurants to include, and share your list with friends. They can buy a part or all of a gift—or go above and beyond your requests. We will log all your purchases for redemption when you are ready, via bank transfer, check, Paypal or credit card.

How much does DishList cost?

It’s free to register with DishList and free to give on DishList. We charge registrants a small fee for processing purchase transactions.

Who can use DishList?

Anyone can start a registry, whether they're celebrating a wedding, a new baby, an anniversary or a birthday. You can also treat yourself or someone who doesn't have a registry to a meal through DishList.

What should we register for?

What do you like to eat? You can ask for a year's worth of dinners at your favorite neighborhood spot, or hit every eatery on your wish list. It's all up to you.

How much should we register for?

Most DishListers add at least ten restaurants to their registry, and request at least $100 at each.

How do we share our registry?

We provide you with an unique link to your registry, which you can post on your wedding site or share with friends. Or, simply let people know you're registered with DishList, and they can find you with a simple search on our homepage.

How will I know when a gift has been purchased?

When you set up a registry, you have the option of being notified by email whenever a gift is purchased. You can also log in to your account online to see which gifts have been purchased.

How does delivery work?

For each purchase, a gift card and a note will be shipped to the address in your profile.

How do I make changes to my profile?

Log in to your account using the link at the top of the site.

How do I make a reservation?

The way you usually would—call the restaurant or use an online booking site.

How do I close my account?

If you'd like to erase your DishList registry, simply email us at We will take care of your request and send you a confirmation email.

Can I buy a gift certificate that’s not on the registry?

Yes! You can purchase gift certificates from any of our partner restaurants on DishList.

What if my favorite restaurant isn’t on the list?

We're always looking for great places to partner with. Email us at, and we'll try to make your DishList wish come true.

Do you share or sell personal information?

We store your account information so we know where to send your gifts. We only store credit card information if you ask us to. And we never, ever sell your information. Any of it. Ever.

What if the meal costs more than my gift?

The gift recipient is responsible for any costs above the value of a gift card.